Release Day: Every stranger is a story

Today is the day…

1st January 2019. RELEASE DATE! I am so grateful for the support that I’ve been shown already for the release of this book.

‘Unjustified Joy’ came about almost unexpectedly. One evening in November 2017, I sat alone in my house. My mum sent me a message over Facebook with a short video to view. It was a man named Craig Groeschel, speaking about the story of his teenage daughter who had been going through a real struggle with her health after a bout of Mono. Her hospital appointments were regular, her pain was real and I imagine he had probably been grieving the situation as a father would. However, she surprised him. She didn’t complain once about her situation. She had begun making videos on Youtube about her health journey, and sharing these things with the world. She said to him,

“Daddy, you have no idea how many people I’m getting to help and point to Jesus through this trial.”

The video stopped there. Wow. For a few moments I sat there in regret that I hadn’t thought of it first. The hardest moments of my health journey so far had been and gone.

Then I suddenly just knew. It’s time to write your story. A wave of excitement and inspiration came over me. I picked up my diary and a pen and began writing. Not three sentences in and my writing hand was slowing me down. I’m going to need my laptop for this. Picking up my Macbook I opened it up and started from the beginning. My story flowed out from my heart and memory bank. I wrote every evening for just a week and a half and I was done. Oh!.. I think I’ve written a book.

Singer/Songwriter Jason Upton, wrote a song not too long ago, with these lyrics:

“Every stranger is a story and every story is being told by You.”

One thing I know is that real stories are powerful. The story of Craig’s daughter is powerful. My story is powerful. YOUR story is powerful. We must learn each others stories. We must be bold to share our own. The good, the bad and the ugly. Because God is telling a unique story with our lives and he wants to use ALL of us.

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  1. Agree…share with everyone your story…it is precious and holds treasures for others facing the pain of this condition

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