Book Launch for introverts

I have recently wondered how many first time authors write their book with the understanding that they’ll need to talk about it afterwards. I know that there are many confident public speakers out there that write books off the back of their verbal communication skills, but what about the introverted authors of this world?

Working up to my book launch event, I admit that I spent many hours Googling ‘Book Launch for introverts’ in hope that I could piece together some ideas of how to make a great event and avoid the seemingly necessary Q&A. With a large screen available in the church hall that I planned to hold the event, I mulled over pre-recording a Q&A, that guests could watch from the comfort of their seats, while I might sit back and quietly enjoy. Yes.. it was possible. But no.. it was not good enough. The hard truth of the matter is that there is nothing more engaging than verbally sharing your own story, in your own personal way. After enjoying plenty of time on Pinterest considering the most impactful and affordable ways to present the room, I resigned myself to preparing for my Q&A.

With a good friend by my side as my confident MC, I was able to answer a few relevant questions, giving insight into the book and my journey. It was a fantastic opportunity to promote the charity The National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society (NASS) as they had supplied a table worth of giveaways and informative material. Of course there was also a table for food and I arranged a short game of Balderdash using words and statistics about Ankylosing Spondylitis, to help raise awareness in a fun and easy way.

The best thing that I realised was that there are no set rules in how to run a book launch. It really is a chance to celebrate and for me personally to thank God for the journey that he has been with me on and carried me through. I am so grateful for everyone who was there to celebrate. Thank you to Ella Connolly from Onwards and Upwards Publishers for being a fantastic photographer too!

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