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When a mysterious condition causing increasing pain and decreased mobility began to affect Leah, doctors were puzzled as all test results came back negative.  After months of struggle, Leah was finally diagnosed with an aggressive form of the chronic disease Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Unjustified Joy is the story of Leah’s inspiring journey through chronic illness, and how she stayed firm in her faith throughout every hospital visit, test and treatment.



Nicky Gumbel

Pioneer of the Alpha course
Vicar, Holy Trinity Brompton, UK

"Leah Jeffery has written a short book detailing her own personal journey of faith and purpose through dealing with an unexpected chronic illness called Ankylosing Spondylitis. ‘Unjustified Joy’ is honest, vulnerable and engaging. Her faith in Jesus through considerable trials at a young age encourages us all to be more purposeful, hopeful and joyful in the highs and lows of life."

Helen Leafa

Helen Leafa

Senior Pastor at The Rock Church, Cairns, Australia

“The book ... is small but mighty, a lot like the author herself. As you read Leah’s journey, her honesty and vulnerability will inspire you to trust in the authority of God’s word and to receive His kindness and His goodness as refreshment and nourishment through even the most difficult places in your journey.”

Mark Pugh

Mark Pugh

Senior Pastor at Rediscover Church, Exeter, UK

"This story oozes with [her] smile while honestly telling the backstory. The bridge between the seeming disparity of these two dynamics is hope - hope that has been tested but found to be present. [Her] hope flows from the pages and inspires each of us that we can know it’s presence in our lives also"

About the author

Born in Cornwall and raised in West Sussex, the youngest of six children, Leah grew up in a Christian family who always found opportunity to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds. This fuelled her desire to explore beyond her surroundings, and also to encourage unity in the church. Leah loved to paint and draw from a young age, so with a love of creative things, she later gained a university degree in Graphic Design, before taking the leap to move to Cairns in Queensland, Australia.

Australia brought a special sense of ‘home’ as she joined a church where family and unity were a main focus. Working in a sign and print company as a graphic designer eventually led to gaining Australian Citizenship. After five years in Australia, some unexpected health issues led to Leah returning to the UK, where she now currently lives, in the county of Devon. Over those years, the difficult times were the moulding, shaping and testing of her faith.

Author Photo - Leah Jeffery